Austin Thelen

New Canceled Reservations Tab

By Austin Thelen, 2020-12-17

Look Up And Restore Canceled Reservations

With today's release, you are now able to look up canceled reservations.  Simply go to the reservations tab, and then click "Canceled" to access the canceled reservations.  

The reservations are sorted by the most recently canceled reservations.  You will be able to see who canceled the reservation and when.  

To "Restore" a canceled reservation, click the "..." and then "Restore Reservation".  This will take you right to the modify reservation screen so you can verify the reservation information hasn't changed, and will be saved as active again.  Please see the video below for an example of how to restore a canceled reservation.

Austin Thelen

Updates To The Owner And Pet Cards

By Austin Thelen, 2020-12-03

Modifying An Owners Balance

To improve the financial reporting of owner balances being modified we have updated the way that you modify a balance on an owners account.  You are now able to modify specific bills within an owners balance.  This will enable billed out income to be tracked with much more detail. 

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On the Sales and Income Overview report you will see new entries for "billed charge" and "bill credit".  This is specifically for adjustments to billed out income on an owners account.  "Staff adjusted credit/charge" will be for editing general credit on an owners account.  This also enables you to more easily track your financials with more detail.

Pet Notes Update

Based on the great feedback from our groomers and trainers we have updated our notes section in the grooming and training dashboard.  You are now able to leave individual grooming/training notes.  You will be able to edit, delete, and track the notes through all of their reservations with you.  

Best Daycare software.PNG

You will also be able to update these training and grooming notes directly in the pet card.  We have created a drop down menu so that you can choose which area you want to view and update notes.  Simply select the drop down menu and select "Facility notes" "Grooming" "Training" to go to the section you want to go to.

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Extending Expired Packages

We have now updated the packages section in the owner card so that you can update the expiration date for any package that is expired.  All you have to do is click on the owner card, then the package tab, then select the drop down to edit the new extension to the expiration date.  Note that the drop down selector says "in 1 2 months...etc".  The "1 month" means that you are extending the expiration date to one month from today.  Please see this video for how to extend an expiration to a package when checking out a pet with an expired package. Note that after extending the expiration date, when you go back to the checkout screen, you will want to refresh the screen to get the updated expiration to the package.

Austin Thelen

Improvements To The Scores Tab

By Austin Thelen, 2020-11-19

New Notes Section In The Scores Tab

We just released some new updates to our scores tab in our pet card.  We have added a few new scores which you can enable by clicking Settings -> Pet Card -> Enabled Scores.

We have also created a new notes section in the scores tab which will let you leave notes about the score and what the pet needs to work on.  When leaving a note, it will track who left the note, when the note was created, and the color score at the time of the note.  This will help you to track the progress and what exactly the pet needs to work on.

groomingtraining software.PNG

Austin Thelen

New Icon Update on Paw Partner

By Austin Thelen, 2020-11-19

New Symbols Displayed 

Based on the feedback from our tremendous customers we have developed some new symbols that will show on all dog profile pictures displayed throughout the platform.  If you hover your mouse over the symbol it will let you know what the symbol means.  Below are descriptions of the three new symbols and what they mean.

*   Blue Male Symbol

This symbol indicates that the pet is male and is labeled as Intact.

*   Pink Female Symbol

This symbol indicates that the pet is female and is labeled as Intact.

*   Yellow "!" symbol

This symbol indicates that the pet has missing, expired, or unapproved vaccines.  These will show if you have required vaccines for a service that this pet qualifies for.  For instance, if you have dog boarding and require rabies vaccines required, all dogs in your database that have expired, missing, or unapproved rabies vaccines will have the yellow "!" symbol.  If you have cat grooming but no vaccines required for cats, and no other services that require vaccines for cats then the cats in your database will not have the yellow "!" even though they do not have the rabies vaccine entered.  Please see the photo below for details.

Best kennel software.PNG