Partial Balance Payoff Feature!

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

In today's release, we have created a new feature to partially pay off a customers balance.  Previously, to partially pay off a balance, you would need to prepay the amount that you wanted to partially pay off.  To simplify the process, we now have the ability to partially pay the balance at checkout without having to prepay.  

To partially pay off a balance, simply click the "charges" tab at checkout.  The individual bills now have an editable field which you can input how much you want to pay.  For example if you want to pay $50 of a $100 balance you are able to edit that field from $100 to $50.  This will not delete the remaining balance but will allow you to partially pay off the bill.

If you have multiple bills present and you want to partially pay off one of them, do not set the other bills to "0.00", as that is not a valid bill amount, you would just unselect any bill you do not want to pay off.

Please note that we have disabled the prepay option only at checkout if the owner has a bill on their account.  This will keep much cleaner reporting and will remind you to do a partial bill payoff instead of a prepay transaction.

Please see the video below for how to partially pay off a bill!  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Lindsay Thelen
Lindsay Thelen @ 07/08/21 12:22:38PM
Hi Carine, yes, you could use this technique to run a split payment. When the client is picking up and says I want to pay cash and credit card, you would first click "Check out" - "Continue" - and select payment type "Bill to Account". Then you would pull the client up and edit the amount that he or she wanted to pay in cash, "continue" and select payment type "Cash". Then back in and run the remainder as "Credit Card".
Lindsay Thelen
Lindsay Thelen @ 07/08/21 12:24:37PM
Carine Mulhall:
Could this be used as an option for split payments? Instead of going to checkout and pre-pay, then split the payment manually, could you add that "charges" tab to the checkout screen? Seem like it would be quicker to checkout the customer.

Also, I just sent you a video on how to do this!