Big Feature Update 12-9

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By: Austin Thelen
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Exciting New Updates!

We have an update releasing later today with various features that we have been developing for a few months.  Below you will see the different features with videos and screenshots to better illustrate today's release.  We have also made a blog post with all of this information so you can share with your staff.

Memberships Now Available!

For our businesses who are integrated with our credit card processor Card Connect, we are releasing the ability for you to create memberships and have them automatically billed to your customers.  You will be able to set the renewal period for monthly, annually, or other increments that you prefer.  You can sign customers up for a membership in your office or they can sign up and pay directly through the mobile app.  When your customer signs up for a membership they will receive a monthly package with whichever services you would like to include in the membership.  When their membership renews the next month, their package credits will reset and they will be given their membership credits on that date.  To set up your memberships click the heart logo to see the video below:

To track and edit your memberships, we have created a "Membership Report".  To access this report click "Manager" -> "Reports" -> "Membership Report".  In this report you can toggle to see which memberships are active, cancelled, or inactive.  You can also click "..." to modify, cancel, or delete the membership, or view the financial transaction in the payment register.  To see how to use the "Membership Report" click the heart logo to see the video below:

Bar Code Scanner Update

With this release, we have added support for USB bar code scanners.  There is nothing more for you to do than to plug it in and start scanning.  In "Settings" -> "Pricing" -> "Retail Items" you can add "UPC" codes into your retail items.  This will direct the scanner as to which item you are looking for.  When you are inputting UPC codes you can simply scan an item and the UPC code will be entered.  You can also search for items in your settings by scanning an item with an inputted UPC code.  At checkout, if you click on the "items" tab, you can scan your item and it will find that item and add a quantity of one directly into your checkout.  If you scan the same item again it will add another item as long as there is availability.  

Messaging Updates

In our "Messages" section, we have added a "deleted" tab that will house all of your deleted messages.  In this Deleted tab, you can also restore deleted messages.  Any staff with "message access" will now be able to delete and restore messages, previously that was a manager/owner permission.

In the main message "Inbox" thread we have added a yellow highlight for messages that customers have sent to your business that staff have yet to respond to.  You will see the yellow highlight in the "Updated" column in your inbox.

Another update in our messaging platform is the addition of templates.  You can use templates both when you create a new message or when you reply to a message.  To create a new template simply write the content you would like the template to say directly in the message and click "Save As Template".  This will save the template for you to use in the future.  To use a previously saved template, simply click on the drop down "template" selector and you will be able to choose which template you would like.  Once selected, the template will load directly into the message.  See the screenshot below for more detail:


New Payment Method Tracking

With this update, we have added the ability for you to customize which forms of payments you take and track.  To access this you can go to "Settings" -> "Payments".  In this section you can select which payment methods you would like to enable.  Please note that tracking non integrated payment processors such as "Paypal" will NOT link directly into your Paypal account but will track which payments you log in Paw Partner were Paypal transactions.  See the screenshot below for more detail:

Payment Methods.JPG

Backdating Reservations Now Supported

With today's update, we are now supporting the ability to backdate reservations for all segments of Paw Partner: Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, and Training.  You are now able to change the dates of the reservations before, during, and after a pet is checked out.  Note that if you are modifying "Checked Out" reservations, your modifications will NOT also modify the payment register.  If you want a payment modified, you will also need to modify the transaction directly in the payment register.

We are excited to be releasing these features today.  We have a bountiful amount of features that we are continually working on so keep an eye out in the "Updates" section for all the new features releasing on Paw Partner.  Thank you for being a part of our Paw Partner family, and please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance at all to

Nancy Hannifin
Nancy Hannifin @ 12/12/21 08:20:37AM
Thank you for adding Venmo to payments!