New Icon Update on Paw Partner

user image 4 years ago
By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

New Symbols Displayed 

Based on the feedback from our tremendous customers we have developed some new symbols that will show on all dog profile pictures displayed throughout the platform.  If you hover your mouse over the symbol it will let you know what the symbol means.  Below are descriptions of the three new symbols and what they mean.

*   Blue Male Symbol

This symbol indicates that the pet is male and is labeled as Intact.

*   Pink Female Symbol

This symbol indicates that the pet is female and is labeled as Intact.

*   Yellow "!" symbol

This symbol indicates that the pet has missing, expired, or unapproved vaccines.  These will show if you have required vaccines for a service that this pet qualifies for.  For instance, if you have dog boarding and require rabies vaccines required, all dogs in your database that have expired, missing, or unapproved rabies vaccines will have the yellow "!" symbol.  If you have cat grooming but no vaccines required for cats, and no other services that require vaccines for cats then the cats in your database will not have the yellow "!" even though they do not have the rabies vaccine entered.  Please see the photo below for details.

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