Release 12-16

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

New Vaccine Notification

In this release we have added a new vaccine notification system.  Your customers will still receive their automatic notifications directly from Paw Partner.  We have now added a new way for you to easily notify your customers as well.  In the templates area we have added a new "Vaccine Template".  To access this go to "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Business" -> "Vaccine Notification".  From here you can customize what your vaccine notification email that is sent to customers.


There are 2 ways to send this reminder to your customers.  The first way is directly in the pet card.  If you click on the vaccine tab, you will now see a "Notify" button.  Clicking this will send the Vaccination template to your customer.  You will also see next to the vaccines a "last notified" flag.  This will inform your staff to the last time the vaccine email was sent to your customer.  See the photo below for more information:


The second way to send the vaccination notification is in the "Vaccine Report".  To access this report, go to "Overview" -> "Reports" -> "Vaccine Report".  This report will show you your upcoming reservations with expired, missing, or unapproved vaccines.  If your customer has sent vaccines but your staff haven't approved them yet, it will be flagged yellow.  In this report you will see a "Notify" button to send the reminder to your customer and you will also see "last notified" so you can see the last time your customer was notified about the vaccines.  See the photo below for more detail:


Searching For One Customers Payment Transactions 

In this release, we have added an easier way to look up a customers payment transactions.  In the "Manager" -> "Payment" register if you search a customers name you will see that the customers name has a clickable button.  If you click this button, it will bring up all of that customer's transactions for the past 18 months.  If you need to look farther back than 18months you can change the dates in the date selector at the top of the page.  We have also updated our database so that searches will be much faster for historic payment or sales reports.  See photo for more detail:


Edit Number Selected At Checkout

We have added the ability for you to type in a quantity at checkout instead of having to toggle to higher numbers.  To type in numbers, just click the area where the number is and type in your desired quantity.  See photo below for more detail:


Please let us know if you have any questions.  Our team is hear if you ever need anything at!