Big New Release 3/19

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

Exciting New Updates!

We are so excited to be releasing this update today!  We always take your feedback seriously and this update is a culmination of a bunch of great feedback.  Please read and see the videos below for the upgraded features.  If you ever have any feedback or questions we have phone support or you can email us 7 days a week at

New Customer Profile Update

We are really excited to rework our customer profile area for when your customers login via the mobile app or online.  Now when your customers login they go straight into their "My Business" section.  This is completely branded with your businesses logo and photo.  The My Business section is where they directly interact with your business.  From this area, customers can make reservations, see their package credits, see report cards, view and sign the agreements with your business.  If you are integrated with our credit card processor, your customers will also now be able to view and update their saved credit cards for your business, buy package credits, and pay billed out balances.  If you are interested in these features and would like to integrate with Card Connect they will meet or beat your current credit card processing rates!  To get more information about integrating with Card Connect reply to this email and we can get you set up!  We also updated some new more friendly icons.  Check out the new updates by clicking the video below!

New Business Profile Update

To enable our businesses to better brand themselves on Paw Partner, we have reformatted the business profile.  In "Settings" -> "Profile" you can now add/change your logo and background images.  We have also added an "About us" section so you can write some information and add photos about your business.  This is an optional section, and if you don't input the "About us" information, the business profile still looks great!  Check out the new updates by clicking the video below!

Package Settings

Our businesses using our credit card integration are now able to sell their packages online.  With your customers able to buy the packages, we have created an optional "description" section where you can describe what's in the package.  We have also included the ability for you to make a package not visible to your customers to buy.  Check out the new updates by clicking the video below!

Icon Updates

We have added a new cupcake icon for birthdays.  This will show for +/- 1 day of the pet's actual birthday.  You can now turn on or off any of the icons that appear around the photos.  You can turn them on/off by going to the "Settings" -> "Business".  Check out the new updates by clicking the video below!

Closed Payment Transaction Modification

This update was based on lots of feedback!  Users who are owners or managers of the business are now able to delete/modify payment transactions.  Note that if you modify a transaction in the payment register it will change your sales reports.  Also note that if you make any changes in the payment register, any owner credit, balance, or package credits will not be changed based on these modifications.  If you want any commissions, credit, balance, or package credits changed you will need to change those independently of this change.  Check out the new updates by clicking the video below!

New Kennel Minimum Weight Settings

We have added a new "minimum weight" for kennels in "Settings" -> "Kennels".  This will sort the kennels out based on weight so large kennels or daycare spots wont auto-populate for small pets. The default for all kennels made is set to "0.0" meaning if you do nothing in the settings, Paw Partner will act the same as before the release for your kennel weights!  Check out the new updates by clicking the video below!

Email Reminder Template Updates

In our "Settings" -> "Templates" -> "Email" we have now broken it up so that businesses can create custom email templates for customer reminders based on each segment of their business. Check out the new updates by clicking the video below!

These are a lot of updates!  We have been working on these for a long time and are really excited to release them for you to use.  We really appreciate and love all the support and feedback and are excited to help you better connect with your customers.

Please let us know if you ever need anything!