Release 4/15

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

New Reports Section In "Staffing"

We moved three reports from the "Manager" reports to the "Staffing" section.  The three reports we moved was the "Commission Report", "Staff Hours Report", and "Tip Report".  This will enable owners of our businesses to allow staff members through permission to view the tip report if desired.  

Now there are reports in our three main sections of Paw Partner which will organize them into the areas that correlate to the report.  In the Overview, the report section is meant for operational reports that all staff are able to view and interact with.  These include reports such as feeding, medical, vaccines, birthday etc.  In the Staffing section, we put all reports that were relevant to staffing which are the staffing hours report, commission report, and tip report.  In the Manager section the reports are relevant to the owners and managers running the business such as financial reports, Occupancy reports, etc.

Note that the default for permission has not changed for any of these reports.  Staff not listed as managers or owners will not be able to see the commission report, staff hours report, or tip report.  There is a new permission though that if the owner chooses can allow staff to access the tip report.

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Updated Kennel Settings

We have updated our kennel settings to add a new "fill to capacity" function in the kennels you set up.  This will in essence turn the "kennel" into a "room".  This will be valuable for facilities who offer group boarding or daycare.  If you set the kennel capacity to 20 dogs and check the "fill to capacity" box, then customers from different families will be able to make reservations for the same kennel or room.  We have gone through all of our facilities on Paw Partner and checked the "Fill to capacity" for those who used our previous daycare "spots" function.  There are numerous facilities who could benefit updating there kennel settings using this new function and we will be reaching out to you in the coming days to help transition to the new format if desired.  If you would like us to help change those settings please contact us at

Checking Out a Groom Before The Groomer "Completes" The Groom

Based on feedback from several facilities, we added the ability to checkout grooms from the overview area if the groomer forgets to press "complete".  If you go to checkout a groom which hasn't been "Completed", you will see a window pop up to confirm that you want to check out without completing.  If you choose to continue, the customer won't be notified of the groom being complete and the price at checkout will be the standard price for the groom or the price that the specific pet was charged last time if applicable.

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