We’re transforming what it means to run a pet business

Our Story

In the beginning, we — Austin, Lindsay, and Mike — bought Hyline Hotel for Dogs, a boarding, daycare, grooming, and training facility, in 2015. At the time, the business averaged 25 dogs per day and saw stagnated growth. So we did what any savvy business owner would do — we worked hard to provide the best experience we could for both our animal and human customers. And sure enough, we started to grow, and fast. Soon, it became evident that we needed to upgrade our software. With post-it-notes and clipboards keeping track of all the vital information, it was time to find a better way.

An Important Realization

In 2017, Austin researched, demoed, and started the onboarding process with all the major pet software companies. But every single one fell short — and we just couldn’t wrap our heads around it. Why are software options created for the pet industry made by people who have very little knowledge of what it actually takes to run a pet facility? Our guess is you already know this too, and that’s why you’re currently reading our story. More importantly: why hasn’t anyone created a pet software mobile app? Sure, many claim to have one, but with limited features that don’t allow clients to book, or only offer a portal.

The Beginning Of Paw Partner

We decided to take matters into our own hands and create a customer-integrated mobile app, with the help of a talented team of developers.

Fast forward two years, Hyline now averages over 130 dogs per day running on Paw Partner. Paw Partner increased our efficiency, decreased reception staff by 1 full-time employee (giving our dogs more play time), increased safety for our pets, and dramatically increased our positive interactions with customers.

We’re excited to bring new solutions to the pet industry and help our peers grow stronger and safer. Simply put: We want to be the most efficient software out there—not only to help you improve your business, but to also create meaningful connections with your pets and their owners. That’s why we believe in Paw Partner.

Meet The Team Behind Paw Partner

Do you know who runs your software? At Paw Partner we believe its crucial to match professional pet experience with professional computer coding experience. We hire pet professionals to our team to help in all of our departments so they can empathize and know what you are going through. Our team has over 80 years of professional pet experience. With pet software it's also important to match industry experience with the best developers around. Our developer team has over 120 years of combined development experience. We have cut no corners and have matched the most experienced pet professionals with the most advanced developers to make the best pet software available!

  • Austin T
    Hi, I'm Austin the CEO at Paw Partner! I help manage all day to day operations and development of our software and company.
  • Lindsay T
    Hi, I'm Lindsay the Sales and New Customer Sign Up Manager. I'm excited to meet you and show you all that Paw Partner can do for you!
  • Savannah M
    Hi there! My name is Savannah, and I am a dog lover, as well as a Paw Partner inside sales team member. I demonstrate to businesses how Paw Partner can organize & streamline daily business operations to save time, money, and increase productivity. I look forward to meeting you!
  • Romie P
    Hi - my name is Romie and I am an inside sales representative at Paw Partner, and also a baker, reader, and cat mother. My goal is to make sure Paw Partner is the right fit for your business so that you can worry more about spending time with all of the critters!
  • Stephanie D
    My name is Stephanie and you'll meet me (and my pup Ganon) during your first official Paw Partner meeting after signing on! I will answer your phone calls for tech support, and handle all things billing. I worked at Hyline before moving to the tech side of the house, which has been a total blast helping businesses like yours every single day.
  • Rion B
    Hello! I'm Rion, I work Tech Support at Paw Partner. My role is providing assistance to ensure our software is working the best it can for you and your business.
  • Lara C
    Hi, I'm Lara! I help all of our teams in On Boarding, Support, Billing, and Testing to ensure our partners receive excellent care in all aspects of their Paw Partner experience.
  • Shannon S
    Hello! My name is Shannon. My main role at Paw Partner is managing our onboarding team and account builds.
  • Holly S
    I'm Holly and I am one of many who help you get the Paw Partner technical support you need!
  • Abbey C
    Hi, I’m Abbey and I’m part of the Paw Payments team within Paw Partner! I assist our clients with signing up for our credit card processing integration and their technical support needs.
  • Ken F
    Hi, I'm Ken. I help provide support and setup for customers that utilize Paw Payments for credit card processing.
  • Eric M
    Hi, I'm Eric Martin! I'm part of our developer team, and I test our new features to make sure they meet our standards. You also might see me helping out with Tech Support from time to time when some deeper investigation is needed, or just another hand.
  • Brian J
    Hi I'm Brian and I am the Head Developer at Paw Partner. I help create and maintain all of the features you use everyday at Paw Partner!
  • Michael U
    Hi, I’m Michael, one of the developers. I fix bugs and build stuff.
  • Sham S
    Hi, I'm Sham, the lead developer for Paw Partner's native iOS and Android apps. I manage the design and development of our native iOS and Android apps.
  • Douglas H
    Hi, I'm Douglas. I work on web design and development for the Paw Partner website.
  • Mike T
    Hi I'm Mike, one of the three founders at Paw Partner and part owner of Hyline. With my 42 years in business I help our business operations stay focused and on track.
  • Kim S
    Hi I'm Kim I'm one of the three founders and CFO at Paw Partner. I help keep things moving forward.

Paw Partner Introduction

See How Easy It Can Be With Paw Partner

Like you, we’re pet business owners too, so we know exactly what kind of customization, insight, automation, and features you want to efficiently run your business. After unsuccessful attempts of searching for a software that matched our needs, we took matters into our own hands and created Paw Partner. Finally, a software that’s designed for every pet business.