New Updates 8-6!

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

We have been working on our email marking and Customer Relations Management update for the past couple months.  Those features are on the finishing stages of being tested and updated.  We are expecting to release that big release in the next couple of weeks.  This release has some significant changes that have been requested for a long time and they were developed in tandem with our marketing CRM changes.

Business Messaging Update

With our release today we have 2 changes in our messaging update:

Mark As Unread

In the messaging browser you can now mark messages "Unread" by either clicking the check boxes in the main messaging screen or within the individual message view as well.

Staff and Customer Messages Separated

Within the messaging system we have separated out staff messages and customer messages.  Staff messages are any messages sent to any staff within your company.  When creating a staff message you can now send a message to "All Staff", to a staff Job Type, or to an individual staff member.  You will see customer and staff inbox and sent separated out to keep those easier to manage.  See the picture below for reference.

Message update.png

Customer Notification History

With this new update we added a new icon in the owner card.  To access the owner card click on the owner icon.  In the top right of the owner card you will see a new icon that is an envelope and is the "notification history" icon.  Clicking this will take you to the customers notification history where you can see any emails, text messages, or push notifications that has been sent to the customer.  You can also access this in the customer list by clicking "..." next to the customer and click "notification history".  See the photos below for reference.

Owner card notification.png

Owner Notification History.png

Package Expiration Update

We have added some new durations for package expirations.  We have added 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 36 month.  To access click "settings" then "pricing" then "packages".  See picture below for reference.


Business Information Sharing

When we created Paw Partner we designed it so that we would have 3 areas that businesses on our platform could help the pet community out and share some information.  In the past few months we have had some businesses use this community sharing information in a way that does not meet our standards of how businesses should interact on the platform.  This has necessitated us to make all information non sharable between businesses.  The three areas that businesses used to be able to share information with other businesses that are now changed is the pet profile pictures, pet vaccinations, and pet incidents.  All three of these areas are now completely separate per business and there is now no sharing of information between businesses unless your company has multiple locations.  See the picture below for reference of the three areas that are now separated.

sharing update.png

As always, we really appreciate all of the feedback and continually have features we are working on, so if you have submitted feature requests we are working through our list!

Angela Lenz
Angela Lenz @ 08/06/22 07:53:59PM
Just wondering- with the new "customer inbox" the inbox is now the sent box? So we have to go back to hand deleting every message again to clear our messages?
Austin Thelen
Austin Thelen @ 08/06/22 07:59:29PM
Hi Angela, currently we saw this was an issue after release. Our development team is in the process up updating it.
Anna Abdala
Anna Abdala @ 08/06/22 08:11:20PM
Hi, will the Customer notification history contain communications prior to this update?
Thanks for those updates, I was missing that :)
Austin Thelen
Austin Thelen @ 08/06/22 08:21:31PM
Hi Anna!

That required some new infrastructure so it will be going forward. But going forward it will show all of them!
Austin Thelen
Austin Thelen @ 08/06/22 08:23:21PM
The messages have now been moved over to the sent box. The red indicator number won't be accurate we will be working on that.

Thanks for your patience!
Jill Stmartin
Jill Stmartin @ 08/07/22 04:25:31AM
Is there a way to add a red indicator number to the staff messages so they can visually see there is a new email in their inbox without having to constantly check if they have messages or not?
Austin Thelen
Austin Thelen @ 08/07/22 06:36:34AM
Hi Jill!

Yes that is how the red indicator will work. When we rolled out the new changes the indicator number got messed up when we migrated the new system with the old system. Our developers are working on getting that indicator number all working. When they roll out that fix, it will have a red indicator number for both staff and customer messages.

Thank you for your patience!
Marie Howard
Marie Howard @ 08/31/22 06:18:39AM
I sent a test to my staff. Can you tell me why their replies are in the customer tab?