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New Update 11/19

By Austin Thelen, 2021-11-19

Grooming Repeating Reservation Update

We are excited to release a new update to allow staff to be able to create repeating grooming reservations.  This update only allows staff to create repeating reservations, customers will still have the same reservation process as before.

Creating A New Repeating Grooming Reservation

To create a repeating grooming reservation you must do so in the groomer dashboard.  This will not be available through "Quick Reservation" or "Create Reservation".  In the groomer dashboard, go to either a groomer's calendar or the overview calendar.  Note that whatever service and add-ons you select for the first reservation will be duplicated to the repeating reservations.  In the groomer calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Select a time and date on the calendar to make the reservation.
  2. Select a pet.
  3. Select a service.
  4. Select any requested add-ons.
  5. Next to "Repeat Reservation" click "Select Dates".
  6. A pop-up window will appear which will allow you to select your desired repeating options.
  7. Review the selected dates.
  8. Click "Create Reservation".

See this video for more detail:

Adjusting Conflicting Repeat Reservations

When you select your repeating reservations, the dates you are selecting may conflict with a full groom schedule, closures for holidays, staff time off etc.  When there is a conflict for a repeating reservation, that reservation will be highlighted yellow and will have "Waitlist" as the status.  This is because there is a conflict and that reservation can't be made.  You are easily able to change this reservation by clicking the "Adjust" button.

When you click the "Adjust" button a pop-up window appears where you can change the desired reservation to a different time on the same day, you can select a different day, and you can even select a different groomer.  After adjusting the conflicting reservation the status will automatically update from the status of "Waitlist" to "Confirmed".  Click "close" in the top right of the screen closing the pop-up window.  This conflicting reservation will then be resolved and move onto the next conflict or you can click "Create Reservation" and your repeating reservations will be created.

See this video for detail:

Multiple Grooming Add-Ons Have Been Created

With this release you are now able to select more than one grooming add-on.  Next to the add-on there is now a drop down selector where you can choose to add up to 5 of those add-ons.  See the photo below for more detial:

grooming software.JPG

New Text Message Use Report

For our customers who have text message integration with Paw Partner you will now have a report showing your text message usage for the month.  Our Text Messaging plan is $10.99 per month with 700 messages included and 2 cents per message after 700.  Previously, since Paw Partner didn't have this report we had been giving unlimited messages for the $10.99 fee.  Beginning in December 2021, the message plans will go into effect.  The text message overages will be processed the first business day of the following month.  For example, December's text messages will be charged the first business day of January. To access the text message report go to 

Manager -> Reports -> Text Message Report

Note that the text messages seen in this report and charged are ONLY text messages sent by the business.  Incoming text messages are completely free to you.  You have full control over what text messages get sent.  We have full customization over what triggers a text being sent by your business.  To view and change what texts are sent by your business go to:

Settings -> Messaging

Next to "Enabled Text Messages" select the check boxes for which events you want texts to be sent for.  See photo for more details:

kennel software.JPG

Austin Thelen

Grooming and Training Update!

By Austin Thelen, 2021-11-04

Updates for 11/4/21

Today we have three small updates to the grooming and training sections in Paw Partner.  Below are the updates for both grooming and training in Paw Partner.

Today Tab Now Showing Kennel Number For Boarding And Daycare Pets

In the "Today" tab of the groomer and trainer dashboard, we have added the boarding/daycare service and kennel number under the "service" section.  See photo below for details:


Service Count Number In The Groomer And Trainer Calendar

In both the individual and groomer/trainer overview calendars we have added a number under each staff member.  This number correlates to the amount of services booked for that staff member on that day.  See this photo for more detail:


Staff Name Added To Cells In Groomer/Trainer Overview Calendar

In both the Groomer/Trainer overview calendar, we have added the staff name every four hours in the background cells for you to more easily see which staff member is on which lane.  We have also added the staff to the bottom scroll bar as well. See photo for detail:


Thank you all for the great feedback we appreciate you helping us make the platform better!

Austin Thelen

Training Group Class Reservation Update

By Austin Thelen, 2021-10-20

New Booking Updates For Group Training Classes

Today's release features a new way of booking group training classes.  Based on feedback from our businesses, we have updated the look and flow of making a reservation for a training group class.  After the update, when selecting a group class, instead of having a calendar view pop up, we now list out all of the classes in one continuous view.  It is separated by month to limit the amount of scrolling needed by large facilities.

Business staff will always be able to see all classes.  Full classes will have a red banner instead of green making it easier to see which classes are full.  Customers will only be able to view full classes if the waitlist is enabled.  If waitlist is not enabled, then full classes will not be viewable for customers.  If there are no classes available for  the month, you can easily toggle to the next month.  We have also added a "Next Available Class" button that will take you to the next available class when there are no classes available for the remainder of the month.

Please see the screenshot below and let us know if you have any questions or feedback about this new feature!

Dog Training Calendar.png  

Austin Thelen

Customer Discount and Package Credit Updates

By Austin Thelen, 2021-09-23

Customer Discounts

In today's Paw Partner release, we have created a new Customer Discount option.  When you create and add a customer discount to a customer, it will be auto-applied whenever that customer makes a reservation or is checked out.

To create a customer discount, go to "Settings" -> "Pricing" -> "Discounts".  You can either modify an existing discount or create a new one.  When creating a discount, if you select the check box named "Customer Discount", then the discount that is created will be a Customer Discount that is not tied to a specific service. It can then be added to customers who you want to always get that discount.

After you have created a new customer discount, you can apply it to any of your customers.  To add the new discount, go in to the owner card by clicking on the owner's picture anywhere in Paw Partner.  In the "info" tab scroll down to the "discount" line and select which discount you would like.

One important thing to note - you can only select one customer discount to be auto-applied at checkout.  If you want to have multiple discounts for a single customer, you will need to combine them into one discount in the Pricing Settings section.

Customer Discounts are particularly useful for AAA, Military, AARP, and employee discounts.  See the video below for more information about how to create and use the new customer discount options!

Package Credit Updates

We have reworked how package credits work for Grooming and Training services.  You will now be able to use package credits for services that are "Grouped By Service" in the pricing settings area.

To access a list of your services that are grouped by service go to "Settings" -> "Pricing" -> "Grooming or Training" -> "Grouped By Service".  

grooming and training pricing.JPG

The services listed in the "Grouped By Service" will now let you use package credits for any service that is grouped together.

For instance, if you have a package for "Agility Training" and you have 2 trainers that teach "Agility Training", as long as they are "Grouped By Service" you will be able to use a package credit for either of the trainers classes.  This will also work for grooming - if for example you have a "departure bath" that multiple groomers perform, a package credit will work for any groomer performing that service as long as they are grouped by service.


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