New Release 11/10

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

New Prerequisites Feature!

One of our most requested features has been for prerequisites.  We are very excited to release this new feature!  You are now able to create required services to be completed before a customer is allowed to book a certain service.  This is particularly useful for boarding and daycares that require assessments to be completed or for trainers who would like training courses to be completed before a customer moves onto the next level.

To set new prerequisites, you can do so by clicking "Settings" -> "Services" then click "prerequisites" in the top left corner of the screen.  From there you can create a new prerequisite and select from many options.  Please see this video for how to set up an "Assessment" prerequisite for boarding or daycare:

You can also set up prerequisites for your group classes as a trainer.  Here is a video of how to set up prerequisites for training classes that must be completed before the next level is reserved:

When you set up prerequisites it will limit your desired service from being reserved by them until they have met the requirements.  We do allow staff to override prerequisites, but do label them when the prerequisites have not been met for staff.  Here is a video of what your customers will see when they are booking an assessment with a prerequisite set up:

Many businesses will have groups of customers who they would like to add previously pass requirements and allow them to skip the set up prerequisite.  You are able to update a pet to have "passed" the prerequisite in two ways.  First, you can update them directly in the pet card by clicking the pet picture anywhere in Paw Partner.  In the opened pet card, you can select in the top right options menu the drop down selection of "Prereq config" and this will pull up a window that will allow you to set up a pass for that pet.  The second way for you to add a pet to "bypass" the prerequisite is a new tool.  Click "manager" -> "tools" -> "reservation prerequisites".  In here you can easily search for pets and set up bypasses for them to skip the prerequisite.  See this video on how to do this:

New Optional Feature: Require Vaccines/Agreement/Questions For A Pet To Be Checked In (No Exceptions)

We have also released a new optional requirement for pets to be up to date on Vaccines, Agreements, or Questions to be completed before the pet can be checked in.  To be clear: there are no overrides or exceptions on this feature, so this tool would best be used by businesses who absolutely require these to be complete before the customer can check in.  If the customer is missing these the system will prevent your staff from checking them in until the missing information is inputted.  The default for this is for the requirements to be off so this will only be enabled if you go an enable it.  Just remember if you enable it, the system will fully block staff from checking in a pet if it has missing information.  To enable this feature click "Settings" -> "Business" you will see "require at check in" and you can select which of the check boxes you want to absolutely require before the pet is checked in.  Here is a photo of where to enable this feature:


If this feature is not enabled, Paw Partner will continue working exactly as it was before.  Your staff will be alerted with a modal window asking for them to confirm they want to bypass the alerts that are presented to them.

Upcoming Releases

* Marketing and CRM. We are currently in an open BETA testing of our new email marketing and CRM.  We have had some great feedback from our businesses and are still working on updates as we finalize all of the features.

* Other training roster updates

*Additional reporting updates