Cloning a Grooming Reservation

user image 4 years ago
By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Kennel Software

How to Clone a Grooming Reservation

With Paw Partner you can now easily clone a grooming reservation.  In the "Grooming Overview" calendar you can click on the page clone icon.  This will duplicate the reservation and put it up top in the work area.  You can then navigate the calendar up top to the date that you would like to create the new reservation for.  We have an easy "X week out" view where you can select a specific number of weeks out and it will move the calendar to that new spot and you can select the slot for your new reservation.  Please notice that the "X weeks out" takes into account the date at the top of the screen and is not necessarily today.  This enables you to make cloned reservations every 8 weeks extremely fast and easy.  To get the calendar back to today just click the "today" button and you will be brought back to today.

Here is a video outlining how to easily clone grooming reservations.