Training Roster And Homework Updates!

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

Homework For Pet Training

As part of this exciting new release we have added a new 'Homework' feature.  You can now send your clients Homework for private training lessons or in group classes.  For private lessons, you can send them homework directly in the "Today" tab from the training dashboard.  For group classes, you can send your entire class homework or individual owners homework directly from the "Today" tab in the trainer's dashboard or directly within the new "Roster" section of a group class.

When a customer receives homework, they will have a new "Homework" icon pop up in their home screen options.  They can access new homework or any homework for previous lessons/classes they have taken in the past.  See the video below for details on how to use this new feature!

New Class Rosters For Group Classes

We have been developing this feature for a long time and we are really excited to release it!  You can now access training rosters for any group course you teach.  You can access all of your rosters in the "Roster" tab in the trainer's dashboard or by clicking the "Roster" button in the "Today" tab next to the course you want to see the roster for.

Within the roster you can easily message the whole class, send homework to the class, take course notes/lesson plans, view and update notes about individual pets, group check in pets, individually check pets in, group checkout pets, individually check out pets, and more.  See the video below for details of how our rosters work.

Custom QR Code And Flyer For Custom Branded Apps

A couple weeks ago we released the ability to create custom branded apps for your business!  We have had a big response to people signing up for those!  We have designed a way for Paw Partner to automatically create a custom QR code for you to use in marketing materials.  The QR code will take your customers to either the Apple App store or Google Playstore to download your new custom branded app.  We also made a simple marketing flyer if you don't want to create one yourself.  To access these materials go to "Settings" -> "Integration" -> "Mobile App Flyer& QR Code".  See the video below for more details.

Jme Thomas
Jme Thomas @ 05/23/22 07:33:07AM
love these. can you add custom templates for homework? we have a standard template for class levels and we just fill in the blanks and give number grades 1-5 for different'd be great if this were an option so we could use the system without exiting to email.
Lindsay Thelen
Lindsay Thelen @ 05/25/22 03:26:10PM
Hi jme, Yes you can save a template for homework. When you go to send your first homework, you can add a subject line and you'll notice in the upper right hand corner there is a button to "Save as a Template". Fill out the form, then click Save as a Template and name the Homework Template. The next time you go into the "Send a Homework" area you'll now see a list of the templates you've used in the past. You'll still need to add the Homework Subject and any attachments, but the body will show once you've selected the template to use. Feel free to email me if you have more questions or want a video!