New Updates 8-23!

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

Many New Updates Today!

Today we are releasing an update we have been working on for over a month.  There are many small tweaks to the system to help optimize and better the platform.

New Options For Staff Tasks

We have now added the options in our task system for tasks to repeat either "Bi-Weekly" or "Weekday Only".  To modify any existing tasks you will want to delete the current set of tasks and re-enter them with the preferred repeating option.  For instance, if you have a task that repeats "daily" and you want to change it to "weekday only", then go to tasks, click "..." next to the task you want to change and click "delete".  When the window asks if you want to delete all repeating tasks click "yes".  Next go in and create a new task with the same name and choose the new repeating option of "Monday - Friday" and your new tasks will only populate on those desired days.  Please let us know if you would like any help with switching over tasks.

New "Invisible" Scheduling Feature

We have added a new shift type in the staff schedule for "invisible".  This will be useful for groomers or trainers who want their appointments to be invisible to customers.  This will be useful for employees who want to block off their schedule to the public but still want to be able to book reservations for themselves.  See the video below for how to use this feature!

Updated Vet Browser

In this release we have upgraded our vet searching system.  We are using a Google places integration that will help keep the vet list applicable to your geographic area.  When creating a new pet or updating the vet for a pet, click "Select Veterinarian".  This will pull up a list of all of the vets in our system within a 50 mile radius of whom is searching for the vet.  If it is a staff that is searching for the vet, then it pulls up a list of vets within 50 miles of the business, and if a customer is searching then it will pull up a list of our vets within 50 miles of the customer.  Note that if the customer has another pet with a vet selected, then that vet will appear at the top of this list and highlighted yellow.  If you don't see a vet on the list you can search for new vets and our Google integration will let you search based on google's listings.  If you still do not see your vet, you can click "add vet" and all you need is the vet name and the phone number.  Our previous system had many duplicates and we have eliminated the vast majority of the duplicates, if you see any more duplicated vets on your list please let us know and we will clear it out.

Dog boarding vets.JPG

We are excited to be releasing all of these new updates!  We also released new updates to our training reservation system, and we integrated to Quickbooks online!  See those Blog posts for more information!