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New Updates 8-6!

By Austin Thelen, last year

We have been working on our email marking and Customer Relations Management update for the past couple months.  Those features are on the finishing stages of being tested and updated.  We are expecting to release that big release in the next couple of weeks.  This release has some significant changes that have been requested for a long time and they were developed in tandem with our marketing CRM changes.

Business Messaging Update

With our release today we have 2 changes in our messaging update:

Mark As Unread

In the messaging browser you can now mark messages "Unread" by either clicking the check boxes in the main messaging screen or within the individual message view as well.

Staff and Customer Messages Separated

Within the messaging system we have separated out staff messages and customer messages.  Staff messages are any messages sent to any staff within your company.  When creating a staff message you can now send a message to "All Staff", to a staff Job Type, or to an individual staff member.  You will see customer and staff inbox and sent separated out to keep those easier to manage.  See the picture below for reference.

Message update.png

Customer Notification History

With this new update we added a new icon in the owner card.  To access the owner card click on the owner icon.  In the top right of the owner card you will see a new icon that is an envelope and is the "notification history" icon.  Clicking this will take you to the customers notification history where you can see any emails, text messages, or push notifications that has been sent to the customer.  You can also access this in the customer list by clicking "..." next to the customer and click "notification history".  See the photos below for reference.

Owner card notification.png

Owner Notification History.png

Package Expiration Update

We have added some new durations for package expirations.  We have added 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 36 month.  To access click "settings" then "pricing" then "packages".  See picture below for reference.


Business Information Sharing

When we created Paw Partner we designed it so that we would have 3 areas that businesses on our platform could help the pet community out and share some information.  In the past few months we have had some businesses use this community sharing information in a way that does not meet our standards of how businesses should interact on the platform.  This has necessitated us to make all information non sharable between businesses.  The three areas that businesses used to be able to share information with other businesses that are now changed is the pet profile pictures, pet vaccinations, and pet incidents.  All three of these areas are now completely separate per business and there is now no sharing of information between businesses unless your company has multiple locations.  See the picture below for reference of the three areas that are now separated.

sharing update.png

As always, we really appreciate all of the feedback and continually have features we are working on, so if you have submitted feature requests we are working through our list!

Austin Thelen

Training Roster And Homework Updates!

By Austin Thelen, last year

Homework For Pet Training

As part of this exciting new release we have added a new 'Homework' feature.  You can now send your clients Homework for private training lessons or in group classes.  For private lessons, you can send them homework directly in the "Today" tab from the training dashboard.  For group classes, you can send your entire class homework or individual owners homework directly from the "Today" tab in the trainer's dashboard or directly within the new "Roster" section of a group class.

When a customer receives homework, they will have a new "Homework" icon pop up in their home screen options.  They can access new homework or any homework for previous lessons/classes they have taken in the past.  See the video below for details on how to use this new feature!

New Class Rosters For Group Classes

We have been developing this feature for a long time and we are really excited to release it!  You can now access training rosters for any group course you teach.  You can access all of your rosters in the "Roster" tab in the trainer's dashboard or by clicking the "Roster" button in the "Today" tab next to the course you want to see the roster for.

Within the roster you can easily message the whole class, send homework to the class, take course notes/lesson plans, view and update notes about individual pets, group check in pets, individually check pets in, group checkout pets, individually check out pets, and more.  See the video below for details of how our rosters work.

Custom QR Code And Flyer For Custom Branded Apps

A couple weeks ago we released the ability to create custom branded apps for your business!  We have had a big response to people signing up for those!  We have designed a way for Paw Partner to automatically create a custom QR code for you to use in marketing materials.  The QR code will take your customers to either the Apple App store or Google Playstore to download your new custom branded app.  We also made a simple marketing flyer if you don't want to create one yourself.  To access these materials go to "Settings" -> "Integration" -> "Mobile App Flyer& QR Code".  See the video below for more details.

Austin Thelen

New Update 4-1-22!

By Austin Thelen, last year

Exciting New Updates!

In today's release, we have updated and improved many new features. This blog will cover our three biggest updates.  Stay tuned on our next update coming soon with our new training roster and homework updates.  This will be released when it is finished being tested!

Multi-Messaging Updates

With this new update you are now able to send multiple messages at the same time.  You can do this in two areas: the Arrival Report, and in the Reservation Browser.  We are working on developing a more in depth "Email Marketing" feature that will be released when finished.  These messaging features are integrated with our messaging platform and can use templates and attachments but not branded marketing which is what we are working on adding.

Messaging In The Arrival Report

Messaging in this report is particularly useful when you want to contact all of your customers scheduled to come in on a certain day.  An example would be "my groomer is sick and I need to message all of my grooming customers tomorrow to let them know they need to be rescheduled".

To access this report go to the overview screen and click "Reports" -> "Arrival Report"

You can select which date you want to see in the date selector at the top of the page.  You can use the red toggle button on the top right corner of the screen to switch between services scheduled to arrive on that day.  See the video below for detailed instructions of how to send messages within this report:

Messaging In The Reservation Browser

Messaging within the Reservation Browser is possible by going to the overview screen and clicking "Reservations".  Within the Reservation Browser you can sort and filter by clicking the tabs or the sorting headers on the op of the columns.  See video below for detailed instructions on how to send multiple messages in the Reservation Browser:

Taxable Income Report

We added a new report in our "Sales Report" section.  This can be accessed by clicking "Manager" -> "Reports"-> "Sales" -> "Taxable Income".  This report will allow you to select a date range and will show you all of your taxable income for that period and how much tax was collected for that date range.  Your collected tax amount will match your total tax collected in the Sales and Income Overview report in the top summary section.  For detailed information regarding the new Taxable Income Report see the video below:

Deposit And Prepay Tip Prompt Setting Update

We have added some new settings regarding prompting your customers for tips when they are paying a deposit or prepaying for a reservation.  You can update these preferences by clicking "Settings" -> "Payment".  See the video below for detailed instructions on how to use these new setting updates:

A big thank you to all of our customers for the continuous feedback.  We have many new features we are currently working on.  We slightly changed the way we release bug fixes and small new features allowing us to release those to you faster.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything at all!

- Paw Partner Support

Austin Thelen

New Custom Branded App Available!

By Austin Thelen, last year

Get Your Custom Branded Mobile App Now!

$300 App Building Fee And 99$/Month

We are beyond excited to be releasing our new custom branded mobile apps.  This is a feature that we have been developing for months and it is finally available for release- you can now have your very own mobile app in the Apple App store or Google Play Store!  Signing up for the custom mobile app will give your staff and customers a complete branded experience on the desktop as well.  Read below for more information about this exciting new release!

The Custom Branded Mobile App

Do you want your customers to have the most branded experience with the most features in the industry?  Check out our new branded apps!  When you sign up for a branded app, we will build and release an Apple and Android app in the App stores.  Your branded mobile app will have the same full set of features but will have branding exclusive to your business and an app with your business' name on it!

Your App With Your Business' Name On It!


Your Business' Branded Colors!


With your custom branded app, your customers will have the same experience and login account information as with our main Paw Partner app, but will only be able to interact with your business!  Customers will have the same options to make reservations, buy packages, pay invoices, sign up with memberships as with your current Paw Partner account.


When your customers interact with your business through their desktop or mobile app, they will also only see your business' posts and pictures in their 'timeline'.


When you sign up for our branded app, your customers will have all of our premium app features for free!  Your business will also have the option to turn off these features if you choose.  For your daycare or boarding services, if your business chooses to allow, your customers will be able to set alerts for our mobile app to alert them when you are filling up for a specific date or holiday so they can get a reminder to make a reservation for the holidays before you fill up!


Another premium feature your customers will get included with your branded app if you choose will be that they will get a occupancy color bar showing how close you are to being fully booked.  You have the ability to limit these premium features for your customers if you choose!


Your Staff Will Have All The Same Features 

With our new Branded experience, your staff will have all of the same features and logins as they do with our Paw Partner login, but they will also have the branded experience!


Your Staff will have all the of features from our industry leading mobile app including task management, messaging, time clock, and more!


Try Out Our New Branded App For Yourself!

We have created a demo custom branded mobile app in the app store.  Just search for "The Pet Dojo" in either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  Download the app and log in with your current Paw Partner credentials and you will be able to see what your customers will experience with the new Branded App!


Pricing Information For Your Own Custom App!

Our industry has a couple companies who have attempted to make "Custom" apps.  Our new branded app is a complete game-changer for the industry.  We brought all the features of Paw Partner and made it available in your Branded app.  Instead of only having features on the customer side, our branded app has 100% of the features that you can use on the computer also available in the mobile app.  The limited custom apps in our industry charge up to a thousand dollars to build your app and hundreds of dollars per month.  We want our customers to have every tool available to grow and boost their business.  

To build your new Custom Branded App there is a $300.00 app-building fee.

When signing up for the Branded App there is a $99.99 monthly maintenance fee.

This branded service is an add on to our general Paw Partner subscription and is added to your current or new subscription with Paw Partner.  

Speak with our team today, we would love to show you the best Custom Branded App in the industry!

Message to speak with our team!


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