Grooming and Training Update!

user image 3 years ago
By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

Updates for 11/4/21

Today we have three small updates to the grooming and training sections in Paw Partner.  Below are the updates for both grooming and training in Paw Partner.

Today Tab Now Showing Kennel Number For Boarding And Daycare Pets

In the "Today" tab of the groomer and trainer dashboard, we have added the boarding/daycare service and kennel number under the "service" section.  See photo below for details:


Service Count Number In The Groomer And Trainer Calendar

In both the individual and groomer/trainer overview calendars we have added a number under each staff member.  This number correlates to the amount of services booked for that staff member on that day.  See this photo for more detail:


Staff Name Added To Cells In Groomer/Trainer Overview Calendar

In both the Groomer/Trainer overview calendar, we have added the staff name every four hours in the background cells for you to more easily see which staff member is on which lane.  We have also added the staff to the bottom scroll bar as well. See photo for detail:


Thank you all for the great feedback we appreciate you helping us make the platform better!