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By: Austin Thelen
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New Multiple Reservation Builder!

We are excited to release a bunch of smaller updates in this release.  We have one more significant feature we are releasing today which is our new "Multiple Reservation Builder".  This is accessed under "Quick Reservation" in the overview screen.  This multiple reservation builder is used to make quick boarding reservations from the staff side and allows staff to make multiple reservations very quickly.  This is particularly useful for new businesses transitioning into Paw Partner, but can also be used by staff to make reservations quickly.  NOTE: you need to click "Create All Reservations" to finish creating them.  Also, you need to put an end date for the system to know if the kennels or suites are occupied.  Please see our Change Log for all of the other features we released today!  Please see the video below for instructions on how to use the new Multiple Reservation Builder

Start Times Added To Grooming and Training Calendars

We have added the ability for groomers and trainers to set up "Soft Start Times".  This essentially means that a larger dog that has a longer reservation duration time can take up 2 spots and block it off so that two spots are blocked off.  This is especially useful for businesses who want for instance a small dog to be able to book at 9am and another one to book  at 930am, but if a large dog books, they can only book the 9am and that large dog reservation will take up both 9am and 930am spots.  So essentially "Let the system book 2 small dogs OR 1 large dog" for the specified times.  The set up for these settings are complex since there are so many customizations.  We are in the process of redesigning and simplifying our settings area.  For now please reach out to our support and we would be happy to set those up for you.  Please see the video below for more explanations of how this works.

We are excited for all of the other features to go out to Paw Partner so please look at the change log for the full list, and as always let us know if you have any questions at!

Hannah Wallace
Hannah Wallace @ 04/27/24 05:46:07AM
It would be great if we could create reservations for multiple pets at the same time. Just like when we check them out we have the option to click on more than one animal to check out. The way it is now you have to create one reservation at a time. We have to go back in to the client and create a whole new reservation when they have more than one. It is time wasted to have to look the client and pet up each time. the other feature needed is an option at the end of check out to reschedule the client. If there was a way to have an additional option at check out time that would redirect us with the clients information to reschedule them. The way it is now takes so much additional time it really slows the process. If we could just have an option at the end of the transaction that asks would you like to re-book and it takes us to the grooming schedule and the clients name and pets are already pulled up with the groomers name they used. Our check out process would be so much quicker. When a client is pulled up with multiple pets we would like to click on multiple pets at the same time to schedule the appointments.
Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson @ 04/27/24 12:22:38PM
Great suggestions Hannah! It is very time-consuming having to go back and book another pet’s appointment from the same family.
Leona Hoth
Leona Hoth @ 04/27/24 05:47:33PM
Yes great idea, Hannah.
Angela Marie
Angela Marie @ 04/29/24 09:33:12AM
It would also be amazing to check in multiple pets at once. In our business model, we have arrival times and when 3-5 drop offs are occurring simultaneously, it would be nice to check mark the arrivals and do a bulk check-in.