Modifying a Grooming Reservation

user image 4 years ago
By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Kennel Software

How to Modify a Grooming Reservation

In Paw Partner we have multiple ways to modify a grooming reservation.  If you are on the "Grooming Overview Calendar" you can press the gear icon on any grooming reservation.  This will bring the reservation to the top of the screen and you can then navigate the schedule to a date and time you want to change the reservation to.  Clicking the new slot will bring you to the confirmation screen where you can select/confirm the service option.

If you click "modify reservation" from the overview screen or the groomer "today" screen, it will take to to the "grooming overview" calendar where you can navigate the calendar and select a new time/groomer to complete the reservation.  Changing groomers on a reservation will bring up the service options that the new groomer offers for that pet type.

Here is a full video on how to modify a grooming reservation.  If you have any questions please let us know!

How to Modify A Groom Without Changing Times

Please see the video below to see how to modify a groom without changing times.  You would do this to change the total time of the groom or to change the service type.