New Release 1/24!

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

New Staff Notification Settings

With todays release we have created many new triggers for staff to be notified when actions are done in Paw Partner.  To access and set these new notification settings please click "Staffing" -> "Members" -> "..." next to the staff member you want to edit, then click "modify".  From here you can easily select which actions you want the staff member to be notified about.  You can also select how the staff should be notified by email, push notification If your business has our custom branded app, or text if you have our text integration set up.  Note: If you don't have our text integration or our custom branded app then email notification will be the way your staff can be notified. You can also select to notify the staff "only when clocked in" or "Always."  If you have any actions you would like to add please let us know at

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Block From Creating Reservations Too Near Or Far From The Start Date

With this new update we have created the ability to stop customers from submitting reservations too close to the reservation start time or too far into the future.  For example you can now stop customers from submitting reservations within 24 hours of the reservation start time, or you can prevent them from making a reservation more than 6 months in the future.  Of course staff can override these settings.  To update these settings you can click "Settings" -> "Services" and find the service you want to add this block for.  Next to that service click "..." then "Modify".  At the bottom of the settings for that service, you will see "Block Creating" and "Allow Creating" as options to select.  If you select your preference and save changes it will now prevent customers from submitting reservations based on your preference.  If you need help modifying your services, we are here to help!  Just reach out to us at

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New Future Revenue Forecast Report

We have just released a new future revenue forecast report.  This report will show you your expected total income for a future date range.  This will show the expected revenue based on what is currently reserved with your business. Note that this report does not include deposits, customer credit, or discounts.  To access this report click "Manager" -> "Reports" -> "Sales" -> "Revenue Forecast".  You can select a future date range and it will display your gross revenue based on your reservations.  The default is to "all" service types but you can tab through each service type as well:

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Upcoming Release

Thank you to all of our customers who have submitted feature requests to our team.  You can submit any feature request to us at  We decide our next features to build based off of how many votes a feature gets to build, and the utility of that feature to our broad customer base.  

We have finished building and are testing some great new features that will be released in the coming weeks:

* Requiring saved credit cards on file for making a reservation.

* Requiring a customer to have or buy package credits to reserve a certain service

* Requiring a customer to have or buy a membership to reserve a service.

* Ability for customers who have package credits to bypass having to leave a deposit for a service

* Training updates.

Thank you to all of our amazing customers!

Paw Partner

Zcc Inc.
Zcc Inc. @ 01/24/23 12:48:44PM
so excited! Great updates, and really looking forward to the listed upcoming ones!!
Caroline Garner
Caroline Garner @ 01/24/23 06:16:36PM
We were just thinking about how we needed this!
Angela Lenz
Angela Lenz @ 01/24/23 10:18:20PM
re: when a staff member is deleted they will now be “archived” - 1) how do I view an archived staff member? 2) does all the information (contact information, notes in client notes and notes to the far right saved?
Ken Cappello
Ken Cappello @ 03/08/23 11:36:04AM
IS there away to block boarding with a meet and greet first?
Tarah Spyve
Tarah Spyve @ 04/03/23 07:04:19PM
When we block off dates, it still allows customers to book either side. If I block off a weekend I don't want any dogs to be able to book in over that weekend. However currently it lets them book from day Friday to Monday, meaning we end up with a dog booked for the weekend. Does that sound correct? Thanks