Recycle Bin and Grouped Settings Update

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

Recycle Bin Update

To give our businesses more flexibility with restoring deleted items we have created a new Recycle Bin feature.  Owners and managers can access this by going to the Managers tab and "Recycle Bin".  In the recycle bin you can easily restore deleted items which essentially un-deletes items you have deleted.  Note that for cancelled reservations you will still restore them in the "canceled" tab within the "Reservation" tab.  Also the recycle bin will restore deleted items but does not "roll back" any modifications, only deleted items.  Some of the items that can be restored from deletion is:

1) Pet Card
* tags, scores, notes (facility, groom, train)
2) Tasks
*add on, single, multiple recurring
3) Playgroups
4) Time Clock entries from time clock and staffing->members->edit hrs
5) Schedule -> Staff shifts
6) Elimination report entry
7) Staff member
8) Job type
9) Notices
10) Service Hrs
11) Settings -> holiday
12) Facility area
13) Settings -> Service
14) Settings -> Kennels
15) Settings -> Pricing (both single and grouped)
16) Settings -> questions
17) Settings -> agreement
18) Manager -> Payment entry

To see this feature look at the picture below:

Kennel Software.PNG

Grouped Service And Pricing Settings For Groomers And Trainers

Paw Partner allows many customized services and pricing rules for individual employees.  With all of the customization, this can create many service and pricing options for groomers and trainers.  To simplify this process we have created the ability to have "grouped" services and pricing.  In the grouped tab you will be able to create, modify, or clone services that apply to multiple employees at once.  Note that for service or prices to be grouped they need to be identical for all employees selected.  If you want different pricing or services for different employees you can still do that in the individual service tab.  To see more information see the video below.