New Year New Release!

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By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

We have a bunch of new updates we have been working on for a while that we are excited to get out to you!  As always, thank you to all of our amazing customers who provide feedback and feature requests!  We get many fantastic requests a day - if we have not built your feature request yet, don't worry - we are still working on more updates!  If you have questions about this release or would like to make any suggestions, please reach out to us at

Feeding And Medical Report Updates

We have updated our feeding and medical reports so you can add notes to a feeding or medication entry.  You can also easily update feeding and medical instructions directly from the feeding and medical report!  We have also added "Not Needed" as a medical entry for "As Needed" medications that are not needed at this time.

dog kennel feeding report.JPG

Update When Sending A Message To A Customer With No Email Address

We have added a new alert for when you are trying to send a message to a customer with no email address.  If you attempt to message a customer with no email address you will now see the warning message below.  This is to let you know that the customer has a missing or bouncing email on file - you may want to call the customer if you have important information to relay to them.

dog daycare message.JPG

Updates To Grooming And Training Today Screen

We have added a "Status" selector to both the groomer and trainer "Today" screen.  This will allow you to filter and see all reservations from a specific status.  We have also added the ability to view previously uploaded grooming images in the groomer "Today" screen.

Grooming updates.JPG

Warning Message Added When Scheduling Groom/Training Reservations Outside Staff's Scheduled Hours

This was added for situations when Staff are making a reservation for a groomer or trainer through the grooming/training calendar.  If you are adding a reservation outside the normal scheduled hours for the groomer/trainer you will now see this message alerting the staff to the situation.

dog trainer calendar.JPG

Setting Added For Text Message To Text "Waitlist Reservation Is Confirmed"

If you have our Twilio text messaging integration, you have the option to choose what actions will send an automated message to your customers.  To access this area click "Settings" -> "Messaging" -> "Boarding/Daycare/Grooming/Training".  You can now select "Waitlist Reservation is Confirmed".  Since you have 700 messages included with your standard plan, you now have the ability to not text all confirmed reservations and can now ONLY send waitlist reservations which gets confirmed if you prefer that option.

dog kennel message.JPG

Report Card Update

We have added the ability for you to work on a report card and then at a later time update the customer once you are finished.  When you are ready to send it to the customer just select "Notify customer" and then "Update".

dog daycare report card.JPG

Add On Settings Updates

We are really excited to add these updates for our add ons.  To change any of your existing add ons with these new options, click "Settings" -> "Pricing" -> "Add Ons" then find the Add On you would like to edit and click "..." -> "Modify".

You can now limit add ons to only be booked specific days of the week.  This is very useful if you have grooming add ons for a boarding reservation but your groomer only works specific days of the week.

You can also now limit the frequency of the add ons to whatever frequency you would like.  This would be helpful if you only want exit baths scheduled on the "last day".

You can also now limit the max amount of this add on to be booked on one day.  If you only want to allow a customer to book 2 walks a day, you can now do that!

dog boarding add ons.JPG

Morgan Berkan
Morgan Berkan @ 01/12/24 01:08:01PM
LOVE these updates, thank you!
Denise McGough
Denise McGough @ 01/12/24 05:42:41PM
LOVE the update on the medical log to "not needed"!!!!
Oswaldo Koo
Oswaldo Koo @ 01/13/24 02:34:13PM
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith @ 01/13/24 04:46:27PM
The not needed med report is fantastic! All of these updates are useful as always. Thank you for continually making it the best software
Helena Nuñez Aguilera
Helena Nuñez Aguilera @ 01/15/24 06:08:47AM
Thank you to the team of Paw Partner who continues to make the app every time better! At Bruno Happy Dogs we are super thankful to have this system to operate for years now!
Jordynn Toole
Jordynn Toole @ 03/05/24 11:37:06AM
We need to add a feature for partial payments!! Or if people pay cash and debit... why isn't this an option?
Ashley Wiggins
Ashley Wiggins @ 04/12/24 11:08:52AM
Is there a way you can add a total amount on the end of the day sheet along with the itemized income?