New Release 4-5-21 New Widget For Your Website!

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By: Austin Thelen
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New Custom Login For Your Customers!

In our release for April 5th, we are releasing a new widget for a custom business login for your customers.  We are really excited for this as it gives your customers a branded experience from your website through Paw Partner.  With this widget, your customers will no longer go to the general Paw Partner login.  They will login and create accounts directly with your businesses branded login page.

To access your custom login page go to "Settings" -> "Integration".  At the bottom of the integration page you will see a link to your business' custom customer login page in bold in the bottom of this page.  You can give that link to your website developer to link to your "Book Now" or "Make a Reservation" button on your website.  If you don't have a website developer, we have made it easy for you to design a button to put into your site.  You can create text, and colors and copy the code and paste it directly to your website for a "Book Now" button to appear.  See the video below for how to access the widget information.

This new widget will give your customers a new flow to login to their account on Paw Partner that is branded for your business.  If your customer has an account already, when they input their email address, it will ask for a password and they will go directly into their my business page and can interact directly with your business from there.  If your customer is new and does not have an account then they will be prompted to create a password, input their contact and pet information and then will be directed to the my business page where they can interact directly with your business.  This is an incredibly simple and branded flow for your customers to go from your website directly into Paw Partner.  See the video below for more information on the customer flow.

Tipping Now Enabled For Customers Paying Online

We have now enabled tipping when your customers pay online for deposits, prepay, package credits, and invoices.  These tips will automatically be logged when the customer leaves the tip.  The tip will be directed to who performs the service tied to the payment.  For example if a customer is leaving a tip for a billed out invoice for daycare, then the tip will be directed to daycare.  If your customer is prepaying for a groom with Katie and leaves a tip, then the tip will be directed to Katie who is performing the service.  If multiple services are present when leaving a tip then the tip will be split amongst the services present based on their percentage of the total.  For example: if a customer has daycare and boarding they are paying an invoice for and decides to leave a tip.  Paw Partner will determine what percent of the total is Daycare and what percent is boarding and will split the tip based on those percentages.  If daycare was 20% and boarding was 80% of the total then daycare will receive 20% of the tip and boarding will receive 80% of the tip.  Note that this feature is available for our customers who use our credit card integrations.  See the photo below for what the new tipping feature looks like.

tip kennel software.PNG

New Time Clock Lock Feature

We have had several businesses want to limit their staff from only clocking in at the property of the business.  This week we are releasing the ability for you to limit your employees to clocking in only at a desktop computer in your facility.  If you enable this feature then your staff will only be able to clock in and out at a desktop at your facility they will not be able to clock in and out on their phone or on a tablet.  They will be able to clock in on any desktop that is on your internet network at your property.  So your employees would come to work, login on the desktop, clock in, then when they open the app on their phone they would have access to Paw Partner.  They would have no access once they clock out at work and go home.  To enable this feature you must be at a desktop computer at your facility.  As an owner when logged in on a desktop go to "Manager" -> "Tools" -> "Time Clock Lock".  When you enable it then staff will no longer be able to clock in on their mobile phones.  See the photo below for details.

Time clock lock.PNG

Ryan Simpson
Ryan Simpson @ 04/19/21 05:39:01PM
Can an office manager or owner clock in an employee? If you only have one computer in the office this feature is still not very helpful without being able to clock in other employees as an owner or manager. If every time an employee shows up and they have to borrow the computer to log in and then clock in that is inefficient for those facilities with only one PC.
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson @ 12/17/23 08:04:52PM
Can’t reach Doggie Den