Mark Grooming Slots "Unavailable"

user image 4 years ago
By: Austin Thelen
Posted in: Dog Kennel and Dog Daycare

How To Mark A Grooming Slot "Unavailable"

In the "groomers" dashboard you can mark slots unavailable either from a specific groomers calendar or on the "Grooming Overview" screen.  Follow the steps below:

1.) Select any slot

2.) Click "unavailable" in the top right corner

3.) Add a title for detail on way it is "unavailable"

4.) Click "Save

You can also "clone" and "Modify" the unavailable slots. 

***Note that if you have hard start times with "...." you will want to select the "...." as the unavailable slot so that hard start time will not show to customers***

See how to use this function in this video: