Paw Partner for Training

A simple yet powerful software

created for pet business owners, by pet business owners.

The easiest way to run your training business remotely

Paw Partner is an easy-to-use software solution that lets you operate faster and easier than ever before.
From online booking to vaccine record management to messaging clients, you can do everything you need with Paw Partner.

Paw Partner Introduction

See How Easy It Can Be With Paw Partner

Like you, we’re pet business owners too, so we know exactly what kind of customization, insight, automation, and features you want to efficiently run your business. After unsuccessful attempts of searching for a software that matched our needs, we took matters into our own hands and created Paw Partner. Finally, a software that’s designed for every pet business.

Features For Your Clients

Everything your clients need, all in one app and website

  • Book training sessions
  • Pay deposits
  • Purchase packages
  • View credits
  • Get homework for group classes or private lessons
  • Check out and add tip
  • Sign waivers and agreements
  • Upload vaccine information
  • Send messages and receive notifications
  • Class prerequisites supported
  • Send automated marketing to your customers

Keep Everything Connected

Each dog gets a profile and report card

See all you need to know about your dogs at your fingertips:

  • Create a comprehensive profile for every dog with a personalized questionnaire completed by your clients.
  • Keep track of each dog’s progress and important details like how they are progressing on behaviors.
  • Include important notes and tags so everyone is always in the loop.
  • Share report cards and send homework to your clients.

Tailor our software to your training offerings

You’re in complete control when it comes to offering your services, whether it’s a consultation or training package. You can set up prerequisites for your training classes.

You can also determine what questions clients need to answer when booking with you. Plus, you’re able to collect deposits during booking.

Keep in touch with clients

Whether you want to message an individual client or the entire class, you can do it entirely from the desktop or mobile app. You can also set preferences for which employees have access to reply to clients. Upgrading to text messages with reminder notifications is available as well.

One-click photo sharing, hassle-free

You know how important it is to share photos of your pets with your clients, but you also know how painful and manual that workload can become.

That’s where our Timeline feature comes in handy.

Our one-click photo sharing allows every employee to quickly upload, tag, and share pet photos. You can have those shared photos go directly to your customer or have a manager approve them easily before sharing with the customer! Then, clients automatically receive push notifications when they’re ready to view.

What typically took hours for your staff to complete is now done in less than a minute, allowing you to share hundreds of photos with customers each day—and build their trust even more.

Reduce no shows with auto reminders

Manually calling is painful. Automated reminders sent as notifications through the app save you time, money, and unnecessary headaches.

Simplify vaccination records

No more chasing down vaccines from the vet. Your clients can upload their dog’s vaccine records directly to their account, where you can view and approve them. Plus, clients receive a notification at 30 days, 7 days and 1 day before their vaccine expires.

No more chasing down vaccines from the vet. Your clients can upload their dog’s vaccine records directly to their account, where you can view and approve them. Plus, clients receive a notification at 30 days, 7 days and 1 day before their vaccine expires.

Streamline Your Work and Reports

Get quick insight into your bookings

See how many dogs you have confirmed and checked-in. And then check your pending requests and confirm them directly, without having to call or email your client.

See your entire schedule at a glance

Your trainer’s calendar details your class roster for the day, plus staff schedules, so you can see the whole picture at once.

Express group check-in and check-out

With just one click, you can check everyone in and save valuable minutes before each class. Then, you can check everyone out and bill the class at once. What normally takes at least 15 minutes is now handled in only a couple of minutes, making it easy for you to give your clients the full attention they deserve.

What Pet Businesses are saying about Paw Partner

5-star Rating
Stephanie J.
Owner of Three Dog Ranch.

Angela L.
Owner of Tails-A-Wagging Daycare and Training.

Jeffrey H.
Owner of Good Dog Daycare And Boarding.

Annemarie D.
Owner of Daragan's Dog Care.

Piper L.
Owner of Park Doggy Daycare.

Kylee M.
Owner of Urban Tails
"There is not just one thing that I can say I love most about the software! From Customer Service to functionality and ease of use, this program is everything a boarding/daycare/grooming facility needs!"

Josh S.
Manager of Fur and Feathers Pet Resort
"Amazing. I couldn't have dreamt of a better team to help our business with this transition. The entire Paw Partner staff has been nothing but friendly, helpful, and continuously gone the extra mile for us. The product is easy to use and saves us both time and energy. Paw partner came to our rescue."

Meghan Z.
Owner of Jet Pet Resort - Phoenix, AZ
"Paw Partner has been nothing short of amazing! There team is responsive to any questions we may have, professional and friendly. Lindsay made the on boarding process easy and fun! The program itself is user friendly and keeps our business running smoothly. Thanks Paw Partner for all you do!"