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My husband and I are originally from the East Coast and moved West to build a more balanced and fulfilled life. We run an international Dog Rescue called World Animal Guardians. When we were just volunteers for the same rescue we adopted all the special needs pups we could - the socially anxious, physically and medically dependent, and incredibly fearful. In doing so, we realized there was a huge need for a boutique service that offered a peaceful environment for those who may not adjust as well to large communal operations or crowded boarding facilities. With that said, all pups are welcome. Our main goal is to provide a space where we can unleash all the love we have for every pup and provide one on one care. While your pup will sleep cozily in a large enclosure, it is our goal for each pup to enjoy the outdoors otherwise. It is also a priority for us to share photos of their stay to keep you informed of all the fun they will inevitably have.
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Location: 9340 NE West Kingston Road
Kingston , WA 98436

Contact Us: 360-334-7533

Hours of Operation: Monday - Sunday
7:30 AM - 5:30 PM