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Buddy Boarding Farm is unlike any other boarding facility around offering an 8-acre, fenced in property for your pups roaming, relaxing, and playing pleasure.

Dogs are out and about enjoying the farm life all day long! Your fur-kiddo will participate in group pack walks, lounge in kiddie pools on hot summer days, relax in the shade, chase humans on mini 4-wheelers, receive oodles of personal one-on-one attention, watch movies and snuggle inside, and so much more - at no additional charge! BBF does not charge fees for playtime, socialization, treats and care as these things are essential to a dogs health and are therefore included in the total.

Your dog will sleep, eat, and take naps in their own private 6'x8' space in the Buddy Boarding Farmhouse or Barnhouse (both fully equipped with heating and AC to maximize comfort).

Nick and Carly Crotinger, co-owners of Buddy Boarding, have known one another since 2003. They met in Junior High School and have been partners ever since. They married in 2018 and currently have a one-year-old daughter, three German Shepherd Dogs, and one cat.

Carly graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2013 with a Master of Arts Degree in Communications and Public Relations. While Nick advanced his career and business management knowledge through real world experience. Both studied and received a certificate in Dog Training and Obedience in 2012 to further their knowledge in canine care and dog handling.

The dynamic duo's pet-care journey began in 2013 when they started providing at-home dog walking and pet-sitting services. What started out as a college-classroom project, turned in to the successful business that stands today! Nick and Carly are young, vibrant, active, energetic entrepreneurs -- that love any and all animals!

Once they acquainted themselves to the local Cincinnati pet care industry with their original in-home-dog-walking business, Nick and Carly dreamt of creating a place where humans could take their fur-kiddos without feeling anxious, unsure, nor nervous about leaving them while away. Dogs are family members after all, and should be treated as such - no matter where they are!

Carly and Nick would provide taxi services for their at-home-dog-walking clients - after taxiing dogs to and from different boarding facilities, they noticed a lack of fun, caring, home-style boarding facilities in the area. Most facilities they saw were overpriced, overcrowded, and very limited in outdoor space.

In 2015, the duo decided enough was enough - something must be done! Hence the creation of Buddy Boarding Farm! Now humans can enjoy their vacations, rest-assured knowing their fur-kiddo's are staying at a place that feels like home.
Buddy Boarding, LLC
Buddy Boarding, LLC
Buddy Boarding, LLC • 7 hours ago
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Business Info
Location: 8359 Batavia Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Contact Us: 513-384-5739

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday
7 am - 10 am & 4 pm - 7 pm

9 am - 11 am & 3 pm - 5 pm

Sunday (boarding only)
2 pm - 4 pm