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Back in 2002 I (Jose) was walking around downtown in West Orange and wanted to see the Edison Museum, but I took the visit to another place nearby, a Doggy Daycare. Fascinated by the idea I walked in and was hired the same day.

Working with dogs has always been my passion, since my childhood I have always been surrounded by dogs. Mom was a huge rescuer and that's printed in my DNA.

K9 Experts was born with the idea of creating a network of professionals in the dog field but I have to go through a recovery process due to a major surgery, and started walking dogs instead. I began walking about 15 dogs per day and needed help to continue with new inquiries.

Few years after this we were able to buy an existing business with existing clients in a different area but unfortunately circumstances in our life didn't allow us to continue with that place. Then we decided to move back to our Essex County area and begin to grown again.

Jose met Michael in 2017 and we began working together. We currently own 4 dogs and are about to open a new facility.

There is more to come...
Our Facility
K9 Experts
K9 Experts
K9 Experts • 3 weeks ago
Another boarding night
K9 Experts
K9 Experts • 2 months ago
No room for me lol
K9 Experts
K9 Experts • 5 months ago
Little Jack
K9 Experts
K9 Experts • 9 months ago
Training is coming back
K9 Experts
K9 Experts • 11 months ago
Happy New year!!
Business Info
Location: 83 Old Stirling Road
Warren, NJ 07059

Contact Us: 973-564-6100 Fax: 973-577-4487

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday
8am - 7pm

Saturday, Sunday
9am - 5pm

Closed major holidays
We don’t offer transportation on Sundays or Holidays .